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Java - Create - Create JMatrix [ver. r13642]



The matrix component that generates the type size parameter.

Inputs and Outputs

  • Input
    • PipelineFlowController Model (0 ~ 1)
  • Output
    • JMatrix Model (1 ~)


Required Parameters
Name Value Description
JType (Enum) Auto | String | Integer | Double | Byte | Boolean Specify the type of matrix components.
User Fill Value When the parameter is true
Automatically from the value of the Fill Value, String / Integer / Double / Boolean is determined either. In the case of the Inc Fill Value, Integer will be treated as.
Unit Matrix when the true parameter
Is treated as Integer.

String:Is treated as a String type.
Integer: int is treated as a type.
Double: double is treated as a type.
Byte: byte is treated as a type.
Boolean: boolean type is treated as.

Column Size (Integer) 5 The number of columns.
Row Size (Integer) 5 The number of rows.
Use Fill Value (Boolean) true | false All the components specified in the Fill Value if you want to set the matrix parameter, true set.
Fill Value (String) Inc | 0 | 1 | False | True | Use Fill Value parameter is true if valid, the value to set the components of the matrix specified by the user select or direct input from the pulldown.
JType value type is specified to be suitable parameters, warning message is printed, JType default value corresponding to the parameter (Integer / Double / Byte: 0, Boolean: False) is set. For example, JType: Integer, Fill Value: a case is set to 0. If you choose
Inc, incremental value will be.
JType When is a String, a b c d e ...
Integer / Double / Byte when the 1 2 3 4 5 ...
Boolean When, false true false true false ...
Unit Matrix (Boolean) true | false If you want to create a matrix, true set.
JType For Boolean parameters, the diagonal elements true, false otherwise, but the matrix is generated.
See image use Please refer to.
Basic Parameters
Name Value Description
Keyword of NA (String) NA | NaN | | Do nothing Fill Value is determined by the parameters of the components, within which values are assigned to specify NA.
Do nothing: a reserved word, nothing to assign NA.


Unit Matrix of true parameter

Image CreateJMatrix UnitMatrix.png


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