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Java - Export Java to R - Export JDataFrame to RDataFrame [ver. r3246] org.csml.pipeline.components.java2R.JDataFrame2RDataFrameConverterComponent



Java data frame, R an R data frame is stored in the server component.
as input components, Java component outputs as well as data frames, R connection with the server (RConnection) can connect the component output.

Inputs and Outputs

  • Input
    • JavaData Model (0 ~ 1)
    • RConnection Model (0 ~ 1)
  • Output
    • RConnection Model (1 ~)


Required Parameters
Name Value Description
DataFrame Name (String) please specify the dataframe name R a key server for storing, R specifies the name of a data frame.
this name, R and R from the server required to get the data frame.
Processing JType (Enum) Auto | String | Integer | Double | Byte | Boolean When you convert a matrix R, Java to handle the data frame and select Java Type. If you choose
Auto, Type Java will not change.
Alternative Value (String) Auto | 0 | 1 | False | True | Java Data Processing JType frame component values that are based on a substitute if you can not convert parameter value specifies the user select or direct input from the pulldown.
For example, Java components of the data frame: A, Processing JType: Integer case, A is of type String and Integer type is unable to convert this value was replaced with Alternative Value parameter.
If you select Auto, Processing JType default values that correspond to the parameters (Integer / Double / Byte: 0, Boolean: false) is set.
Also, Processing JType also suitable if Alternative Value parameter is specified, Processing JType the default values corresponding to the parameter, warning messages are printed.



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