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Java - Input - Input JDataFrame [ver. r2757]



Component to load data frame file.

Data frame file

Separated by a comma or tab, provide the value of the data frame.

Cases) header: header1, header2, header3, label: label1, label2 Detafuremufairu of dataframe1.csv


This data frame is loaded as follows.


In addition, metadata to be entered before the description of the data frame, you can load the data frame holding the metadata.

method described in the metadata
$ key [tab / comma] value

Cases) header: header1, header2, header3, label: label1, label2, metadata: key: description, value: This is a sample of dataframe file.) Detafuremufairu of dataframe2.csv

$description,This is a sample of dataframe file.

However, when dealing with metadata, Handle Metadata below please set the parameter to true.

Inputs and Outputs

  • Input
    • PipelineFlowController Model (0 ~ 1)
  • Output
    • JDataFrame Model (1 ~)


Required Parameters
Name Value Description
Java DataFrame File Name (URI) URI Detafuremufairu path, URI, in the form.
file specified in the scheme if, file chooser is convenient to use.
Basic Parameters
Name Value Description
Keyword of NA (String) Use metadata | NA | NaN | | Do nothing The text in the file, within which values are assigned to specify NA.
Use metadata: reserved words, listed in the metadata file $ KeywordOfNA assigns a value of NA.
Do nothing: a reserved word, nothing to assign NA.
Handle Metadata (Boolean) true | false If you load the metadata describing Detafuremufairu, true please set.
For The Line, The Column Size Of Which Is Less Than The Length Of The Header (String) Use fill value | Throw exception Select an action against a small number of rows than the size of the header row.
Use fill value: ranging from the size of the header, Fill Value and add the appropriate line to the value parameter.
Throw exception: treated as an error.
Fill Value (String) ' For The Line ... useful parameter is true, then this value until the appropriate line to add to the size of the header.
JType if appropriate parameter values are specified, warning messages are logged, JType default value corresponding to the parameter (Integer / Double: 0, Boolean: false) is set.
Advanced Parameters
Name Value Description
File Input Format (String) auto detect | tsv | csv Select the format of the file to load.
auto detect: loading a file, tab-delimited (tsv format) or comma separated (csv format) to determine whether the automatic.
tsv: Select this tab-delimited file.
csv: Select this option to a comma-delimited file.



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