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Java - Output - Output Data [ver. r3835]



Primitive (JPrimitive), vector (JVector), matrix (JMatrix), data frame (JDataFrame), EDF (JObservedDataModel), annotation (JAnnotationData) is a component that outputs data to a file.

Primitive (JPrimitive) Output

Primitive values are printed.

Vector (JVector) Output

Components of a vector is printed.
The direction of the vector output, Vector Direction Please parameter.

Matrix (JMatrix) Output

The output of the matrix components.
If the metadata output, Output Metadata true please set the parameter.

Data frame (JDataFrame) Output

Header, the output data frame containing the label of ingredients.
If the metadata output, Output Metadata true please set the parameter.

EDF(JObservedDataModel) Output

PrimaryKeyGroupID order of expression is only the output data.
If you want to output in a format other than that, Output JEDF Please use.

Annotations (JAnnotationData) Output

The output data in the form of a data frame with no flag information.
If you want to output in a format other than that, Output JAnnotationData Please use.

Inputs and Outputs

  • Input
    • JavaData Model (0 ~ 1)
  • Output
    • PipelineFlowController Model (1 ~)


Required Parameters
Name Value Description
Output File Name (URI) URI The URI of the destination file format.
Basic Parameters
Name Value Description
Keyword of NA (String) Use metadata | NA | NaN | | Do nothing NA internal value specifies how to output text file look like? .
Use metadata: reserved words, listed in the metadata file in the output value of $ KeywordOfNA. Java is not defined if the data is metadata, NA will be printed.
Do nothing: a reserved word, as it is within the NA output.
Output Metadata (for JMatrix And JDataFrame) (Boolean) true | false Matrix to be printed, only valid data frame, true, you can print out the metadata.
Vector Direction (String) Auto | Force horizontal | Force vertical Valid only if the output target vector specifies the orientation of the vector output.
Auto: orientation vectors are output to be output.
Force horizontal: regardless of the direction vectors to be output is printed horizontally.
Force vertical: target regardless of the direction of the vector of the output is printed vertically.
Advanced Parameters
Name Value Description
File Output Format (String) auto detect | tsv | csv The output file format (tab-delimited tsv / comma delimited csv) specified.
auto detect: the file extension, tsv or csv and determine. When in doubt, csv format is output.
tsv: tsv tab-delimited format is output.
csv: csv Comma-separated format is output.



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