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CSML - Output - Output SVG [ver. r3798] org.csml.pipeline.components.csml.output.OutputSVGComponent



Inputs and Outputs

  • Inputs
    • CSML Model (1)
  • Outputs
    • CSML Model (1 ~)


Required Parameters
Name Value Description
Output SVG File (URI) URI Output SVG File
Basic Parameters
Name Value Description
Debug (Boolean) true | false Debug Mode
View Mode (String) normal | gene Select ViewMode
Show Entity Name (Boolean) true | false Show Entity Name
Show Process Name (Boolean) true | false Show Process Name
Show Fact Name (Boolean) true | false Show Fact Name
Arrow Size (Double) 1.0 Arrow Size
Ball Type (Integer) 1 Ball Type
Ball Visibility (Boolean) true | false Ball Visibility
Ball Fill Color (Color) rgb(255,255,128) Ball Fill
Ball Stroke Color (Color) rgb(127,127,63) Ball Stroke Color
Ball Stroke Width (Double) 0.5 Ball Stroke Width
Ball Font Family (String) Verdana Ball Font Family
Ball Font Size (Double) 10.0 Ball Font Size
Text Stroke Width (Double) 0.5 Text Stroke Width
Text Font Family (String) Verdana Text Font Family
Text Font Size (Double) 12.0 Text Font Size
Text Rotate Angle (Double) 10.0 Text Rotate Angle
Optimize to Adobe Illustrator (Boolean) true | false Optimize to Adobe Illustrator
Advanced Parameters
Name Value Description
CSML Version (String) 3.0 | 1.9 Version of CSML
Save All Views (Boolean) true | false Store All Views



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