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CSML - Visual Mapping - Position - Static position mapping [ver. r13832] org.csml.pipeline.components.csml.view.StaticPositionMappingComponent



Inputs and Outputs

  • Inputs
    • CSML Model (1)
  • Outputs
    • CSML Model (1)


Required Parameters
Name Value Description
Property Name (String) view_property The name of property
Affect connectors (Boolean) true | false Affect connectors
static_position_rule (String) Key_1=100 100|Key_2=100 200|Key_3=100 300|Key_4=100 400|Key_5=100 500|Key_6=100 600|Key_7=100 700 Static Position Rule
Basic Parameters
Name Value Description
Affect entities (Boolean) true | false Affect entities
Affect processes (Boolean) true | false Affect processes
Affect facts (Boolean) true | false Affect facts
Advanced Parameters
Name Value Description
position_update_axis_type (String) both | x | y | skip Position Update Axis Type
position_random (String) both | x | y | skip Position Random
var_x (Double) 1.0 Var X
var_y (Double) 1.0 Var Y
seed (Long) 1294243978900 Seed



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